How to Word a Baby Shower Invitation to Invite Men & Children

It used to be that baby showers were strictly women-only affairs, with men and children banished from the occasion, but in today’s ever-changing environment, more families are demanding to participate in what is rightfully their role in the baby process. Excluding men and children from showers is fast on the decline. Wording a baby shower invitation so men and children know they’re welcome isn’t hard. Make it clear that the invitation is addressed to the entire family, not just the woman. Address the envelope to the entire family (for example, The Smith Family, instead of just Ms. Sally Smith).
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Provide an introductory phrase on the invitation, such as “It’s a Bouncing Baby Boy!” or a line from a poem or some other joyful proclamation that lets people know what the invitation is about.
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Provide the name of the couple that the baby shower is being hosted for. For example, “Candy and Billy invite you to help celebrate the impeding arrival of their son at a baby shower hosted by Susie Carter.” Let the guests know who is hosting the event. Usually the RSVP phone number or email belongs to the hostess or host so that she or he is the go-between between guests and the baby’s parents.
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Provide a line of greeting or encouragement on the invitation letting everyone know it’s okay to come, not just women. For example, “Bring the whole family and join us at…” or “Women, men and children welcome!”
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Provide the place and address of the baby shower, the time and date on the invitation. Including a printed map on a small piece of paper in the invitation envelope is always appreciated by guests, especially guests unfamiliar with the town or neighborhood.
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Provide the email or telephone number of the hostess or host for guests to notify if they’re attending the shower and, if so, how many people will be in attendance connected with their invitation.
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Address the envelopes for the invitations to the entire family so that everyone in the household knows they’re welcome. In times past, the envelope would be formally addressed to only the woman (women) in the house. By addressing it to the entire family, it is apparent that anyone living in that household is invited to the baby shower. Don’t forget stamps.



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