Wedding invitation reception card wording

Wedding invitation reception card wording

What do I write on a reception card?

WORDING SUGGESTIONS The celebration continues // with cocktails, dinner and dancing. Please join us // for drinks, dinner and merriment. Celebrate // please join us for drinks, dinner and dancing.

What should a wedding reception invitation say?

What to Include on a Wedding Reception Invitation The host’s name. The names of the engaged couple. Day, date of month and time. Name of the reception venue . Reception venue address.

Where do you put reception information on a wedding invitation?

Where do I list reception information on my invitations ? On a reception card. This is the most proper place to put your reception information . On an events card. If you are having many events during a wedding weekend, your reception information can be listed along with them on an events card. On the invitation . On the RSVP.

Do you need reception cards in wedding invitations?

It’s a common question, and the good news is that it’s not required. Whether your ceremony and reception are at the same venue or not, a separate card is for the reception is not essential. You can include one if you like, of course, but there are ways to incorporate the details in the invitations themselves.

How do you invite for a reception?

On the invitation , instead of inviting guests to witness your marriage, the wording should say that guests are invited to a reception in celebration of your marriage—this implies that you will already be married by the time they arrive.

What name goes first on a wedding invite?

Tradition dictates that the bride’s name always comes first , whether on save the date cards , wedding invitations or anything else. This is because the bride’s parents are usually the hosts, paying a greater share of the expenses.

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Is it rude to invite guests to reception only?

While there are certain situations that make it acceptable to invite some guests to the ceremony and reception and others to just the reception alone, you should never do the opposite. Inviting someone to your ceremony and not to the reception would most likely hurt their feelings, so you shouldn’t even consider it.

How do I invite friends to my wedding reception?

You are cordially invited! We, together with our families will be looking forward to having you on our wedding day. We request you to join us with your friends and family! With a large smile on my face, I want to let you know that my wedding ceremony will be held on [date and time ] at [place].

What is considered a small wedding?

50 people

How soon do you send out wedding reception invitations?

six to eight weeks

What is wedding invitation etiquette?

Wedding invitations should include the full names of the couple marrying and those of the hosts (if they’re different), the place and time, and that’s it. “No children” isn’t included on the invite ; it’s implied by the names on the envelope.

Is 6 months too early to send wedding invites?

We recommend ordering your wedding invitations and other stationery 4- 6 months before your special day. Many couples choose to order it all at the same time so they can move on to the next aspect of their wedding planning.

How do you indicate plus one on a wedding invitation?

When addressing the outside envelope, write the guest’s first and last name while not adding “and guest”. This allows the guest who is invited to understand the invitation is directed towards them. Once they open the card, they will be able to see the “ plus one ”. The “and guest” does not need to be on the envelope.

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What is proper etiquette for wedding RSVP?

Etiquette says that invitations should be sent eight weeks before the wedding. That gives four to five weeks to respond, so you can make your RSVP date three to four weeks before the wedding.

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