Line play invitation codes

Line play invitation codes

How do you enter a gift code on line play 2020?

Jan 01, 2020 ยท Open LINEPLAY and locate the event icon Click on the event icon and tap on gift code Write the code in the text box provided Click on the submit button and you will receive the cute item or gems related to the code Repeat the same procedure if you have additional promo codes to use .

How do you get free gems on line play?

You can invite LINE PLAY friends from within the fruit monsters ‘app. ‘ After inviting 50, you get a 30k gem bonus. Official avatar quest bonuses. Occasionally there is a specific official avatar/character whose room you can visit which gives you bonus gems for a week.

How do you get badges in line play?

To buy badges , you can get ‘points’ by buying gems, and then you purchases badges at the badge shop for 5 points each.

How do you get free cash on line play?

While gems are relatively easy to earn , there are only a few ways to earn cash in the game. Buy them with money . Buying cash is one of the few ways to obtain them. Events. Occasionally, LINE Play hold events where you can earn some free cash . Competitions. Login Bonus.

How do I recover my line play account?

Your LINE PLAY account cannot be recovered, so please take note when considering deleting your login account . Let us know if we can make it better.

How do you get gems in line play?

Play Games. You can earn gems just by playing the game and completing the daily quest on the game. And you can earn exclusive items too!

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How do you level up in line play?

The Upgrade feature allows players to upgrade a certain Gachapon item to have a higher rarity. The upgraded item usually has a unique, special animation and appearance. To upgrade an item, go to the Gacha Shop list and select the Gacha that has an UPGRADE tag. If you have all required items, you’ll be able to upgrade .

How do you get Gacha tickets in line play?

A Gacha ticket will let you play a particular Gacha 1 time for free. You’ll can get Gacha tickets them from the various events that take place in LINE PLAY , and you can see which tickets you have received in your Mailbox. You can use your Gacha tickets by tapping the Use tickets button in your Mailbox.

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